Consumer unit Peterborough


Your consumer unit or fuse box is the hub of electricity in your home and provides vital
safety coverage to protect you from electric shock, burns, and potentially fire in the event of
a fault. Consumer units are divided into circuits which separately provide power for lights,
sockets, immersion heater, smoke alarms, electric oven, hob, electric vehicle chargers etc.


We pride ourselves in our bespoke consumer unit replacement service, if you are worried
about the state of your current consumer unit, or you have an old style rewireable “fuse
box”, we can give you free advice and a quote for upgrading your installation to the modern
standards with all the additional safety features.

The benchmark standard for our installations is to provide an RCBO Consumer unit with an
integral Surge Protection Device as per the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations requirements.
We only fit reputable high quality brands of consumer unit, with our go to brand being

The surge protection device we will install within your new consumer unit is designed to
protect electronic devices throughout the house in the event of a power surge.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote please get in touch and our local
Peterborough team will be glad to help.