Consumer unit Peterborough


At D.E.C Electrical, we are a set of professionals committed for better upgraded electrical standards for our neighborhood residencies, and that empowers us to foresee every house owner’s worst nightmare, getting involved in anything that involves electrical circuits of the house. As a house owner one may consider replacing a broken fuse wire as a job to menial to delegate to an electrician, but from our perspective, we do not consider any job to be less in stature, not to take a leaf of learning out of it. 

D.E.C Electrical we believe in educating and empowering our consumers as a way of carrying our business legacy forward. We ask you, why at all wait for an electrician to turn up and rescue you from the clutches of darkness, if it’s only a fuse that needs repairing. A simple wire is all that needs mending and behold your house is well lit up again. Hence we strongly recommend every house owner to give us a call and get their existing electrical circuits and installations checked and upgraded. This way all electrical appliances get an upgrade and a provision for multiple controls of any appliance. Switchboxes and fuse boxes are replaced with modern, technology compatible electronic fuse boxes and the tangle of wires all jumbled up together are taken and neatly tucked in individual sockets and concealed beneath the whitewash. All electrical circuits are mapped to their individual fuse boxes via the switch boards so neatly, it is very easy for anyone, and even a child to diagnose which line has its fuse blown off. All fuse boxes lead to the main console via an electronic meter safely insulating the wires inside. This way, the electronic meter can be handled from time to time and the outputs inside the house can be controlled more efficiently.

So give us at D.E.C Electrical a call, if you have finally considered the probability of upgrading the existing electrical system in your house. We are a team of expert technicians and professionals focused on the job with many years of prior experience in domestic electrical situations. We shall do a quick review of the existing system, replacement and repairs required and provide you with a projected quotation on the costs that you may stand to incur and the amount of time required to complete the job. Empower yourself, be a responsible resident and consumer and educate yourself about the intrinsic of your own house. Although after any electrical job, be it a replacement or repair, it is protected by a maintenance warranty that ensures any unforeseen faults that may occur in that time space are taken care of absolutely free of all costs. Contact your local Peterborough electricians today!