Creating or redesigning an ample office space will require a substantial amount of electrical work to ensure that there are enough necessary systems within the proximity. A lot of essential services that are key to a successful and efficient office environment are typically not visible. Many systems that improve employee productivity and satisfaction will require professional installation from electrical contractors. The systems must be installed to the right specifications and cover a large enough area to maximise security, safety and efficiency. D.E.C Electrical believes in transparency, accountability and reliability; we want to ensure that every office fit-out is considerate of budget and deadlines, ensuring we provide a thorough service from start to finish and even after the project has been completed. 

Our team will give you professional advice to help keep costs to a minimum without comprising on quality. We will explain the process to you to ensure that you have a clear idea of our approach and what you can expect from our team. Our office refurbishment fit-outs consist of lighting, ventilation, HVAC systems, fire safety and security systems and other key equipment that will prolong the sustainability of your office environment and optimise the productivity output from your employees.

What systems do we install for office refurbs?

  • Air conditioning

  • Ventilation

  • BMS systems

  • Power Supplies

  • Voice and data infrastructure

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Security systems

  • Electrical installations, including lighting. 

We always guarantee a safe and tidy approach to our electrical fit-out services, ensuring we work around times that do not interrupt your schedule. Together we will help fit out the most efficient and practical workspace environments.